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ISBN: 9780827605305 - Reclaiming the Dead Sea Scrolls
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Reclaiming the Dead Sea Scrolls

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Background of Christianity, Judaism and the Lost Library of Qumran

Lawrence H. Schiffman

ISBN: 9780827605305
Format: Hardback
Publisher: Jewish Publication Society

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This in-depth examination of the Dead Sea Scrolls reveals their true heart: a missing link between ancient and modern Judaism. Because the Dead Sea Scrolls include the earliest known manuscripts of the Bible as well as Jewish documents composed just after the Hebrew biblical period…






Controversy has surrounded the Dead Sea Scrolls ever since they were first discovered in caves bordering the Dead Sea. what is their true meaning? What revelations do they hold about Judaism and about the origins of Christianity? In this bestseller Schiffman lifts the shroud of mystery and conspiracy that has obscured their true meaning, proving that many of the scrolls have been incorrectly translated and misinterpreted.

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