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ISBN: 9781402002915 - Reference and Anaphoric Relations
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Reference and Anaphoric Relations

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Von Heusinger, Klaus (EDT)/ Egli, Urs (EDT)
H. K. von Heusinger, Urs Egli

ISBN: 9781402002915
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Kluwer Academic Publishers
Edition: Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 2000

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Brings together fifteen original research articles on the representation and interpretation of indefinite and definite noun phrases, anaphoric pronouns, and closely related issues such as scope and quantifier movement. This book is of interest to scholars and students of linguistics, logicians, philosophers of language, and computer scientists.






This book is a collection of original research articles on the representation and in- terpretation of indefinite and definite noun phrases, anaphoric pronouns, and closely related issues such as reference, scope and quantifier movement. A variety of frame- works for the formal analysis of discourse semantics are represented, including dis- course representation theory, file change semantics, dynamic Logic, E-type theories, and choice function approaches, which was one of the main issues the Konstanz project were concerned with. All of these frameworks are couched in the tradition of Montague Grammar, even though they extend the classical formalism in different directions. The developments emerged from the modern discussion of problems for the representation of cross-sentential anaphoric relations involving pronouns, and the interpretation of definite and indefinite noun phrases. After a decade of controversy, these approaches are merging together, enriching each other's formal mechanisms rather than expressing opposition. Thus, the articles in this volume concentrate on fundamental semantic questions, and also extend the current formalisms in order to capture more data. The roots of this book lie in the workshop "Reference and Anaphoric Relations", which was held at the University of Konstanz in June 1996. Five main issues were discussed: (i) the Stoic and scholastic treatment of reference and anaphora; (ii) quan- tification and scope, (iii) anaphoric reference; (iv) the representation of indefinite NPs with choice functions; and (v) the relation between linguistic expressions, their rep- resentations and their meanings.

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