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ISBN: 9780091856694 - Stop Arguing, Start Talking
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Stop Arguing, Start Talking

The 10 Point Plan for Couples in Conflict

Susan Quilliam, Relate

ISBN: 9780091856694
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Vermilion

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This text aims to help readers to avoid arguments by identifying personal trigger points and turning heated rows into constructive discussions.





For some people, an argument with a loved one is a catastrophe, a sign that a relationship must surely be over, for others a heated discussion is a way of letting off steam, a way of ensuring that passion is kept alive. But what is 'normal' communication for couples? How can you get past the raised voices or silent disapproval, to listen and understand what is really being said by your partner? Relationships change over time, and the way we communicate does too. This practical, readable and sometimes humorous book, based on over 60 years of cumulative experience from Relate, the marriage guidance experts, will help couples to break free of old patterns of behaviour and avoid using words as weapons when the going gets tough. It will help encourage upfront discussion rather than resorting to nagging, and will give you the skills you need to understand what your partner is really trying to say to you - to bring discussion rather than confrontation back into your relationships.