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ISBN: 9780330465625 - River of Darkness
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River of Darkness

Rennie Airth

ISBN: 9780330465625
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Pan Books

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The award-winning first novel in this outstanding historical crime series featuring John Madden - now with a stunning new look





It is 1921 and a terrible discovery has been made at a manor house in Surrey -- the bloodied bodies of Colonel Fletcher, his wife and two of their staff. The victims have all been stabbed and the lack of disturbance in the house suggests that the attack was one of terrifying speed. The Surrey police force seem ready to put the murders town to robbery with violence, but Detective Inspector Madden from Scotland Yard sees things slightly differently. For he has experienced the horrors of World War I and has seen madness at first hand. And he is certain this crime has been perpetrated by a psychopath who will strike again ...and soon. 'One of the most gripping thrillers I have ever read' Country Life 'If only every golden age crime novel could be as good as this' Independent on Sunday

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