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ISBN: 9780415426756 - Roman Social History
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Roman Social History

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Parkin, Tim G. (EDT)/ Pomeroy, Arthur John (EDT)
Tim G. Parkin, Arthur Pomeroy

ISBN: 9780415426756
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Routledge

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This handy and often fascinating book collects sources (mostly literary) relevant to the study of Roman society. It is arranged thematically in such sections as social classes, demography, education, slavery, poverty and so on.






This Sourcebook contains a comprehensive collection of sources on the topic of the social history of the Roman world during the late Republic and the first two centuries AD. Designed to form the basis for courses in Roman social history, this excellent resource covers original translations from sources such as inscriptions, papyri, and legal texts. Topics include: * social inequality and class * games, gladiators and attitudes to violence * the role of slaves in Roman society * economy and taxation * the Roman legal system * the Roman family and gender roles. Including extensive explanatory notes, maps and bibliographies, this Sourcebook is the ideal resource for all students and teachers embarking on a course in Roman social history.

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