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ISBN: 9781444702583 - Sanctuary of the Soul
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Sanctuary of the Soul

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Richard Foster

ISBN: 9781444702583
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Hodder Paperback

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An accessible and inviting introduction to meditative prayer, from the bestselling author of CELEBRATION OF DISCIPLINE, Richard Foster





'At the very heart of God is the passionate disposition to be in loving fellowship with you...From the human side of this equation it is meditative prayer that ushers us into this divine-human fellowship.' Richard Foster, bestselling author of CELEBRATION OF DISCIPLINE and founder of Renovare, writes these words as one who has experienced what they describe. This new book gently guides you along the path of meditative prayer, so that you too can know a deeper fellowship with God. Weaving together quotes and stories from the lives of mothers and fathers of the faith as well as powerful encounters with God from his own life, Foster describes the riches of quieting your mind and heart in order to listen to and obey God more closely. Along the way, at his clearest, most practical best, he also provides the biblical teaching and step-by-step help you need to begin this prayer practice for yourself.

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