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ISBN: 9780865621770 - Santa's Helpers
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Santa's Helpers

Sal Quartuccio

ISBN: 9780865621770
Format: Paperback
Publisher: S Q Publications,US

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A collection of holiday illustrations.





Hey, let's face facts - it's cold up at the North Pole. If you think hot chocolate and Mrs. Claus in a flannel nightie is all Santa has to keep himself warm - think again! Ol' St Nick keeps those handy lists of who's naughty and nice, but there's a special scrool of the very naughty that he keeps in a secret spot in his sock drawer! No wonder the fat ol' guy's so damned jolly! Ho, ho, ho indeed - here's an-all collection of Christmas-time cuties that might put the X in Xmas and keep it there! Eye-popping gifts of spicy holiday illustrations by such evil elves as Pelaez, Buci, Maraschi, Flores, Danilo, Lencina, and many other Gallery Girl faves! With a cover painting by Dave Nestler, another theory about ice-caps melting might be in order!