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ISBN: 9780712698931 - Scotland
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Michael Lynch

ISBN: 9780712698931
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Pimlico

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From Bannockburn and Robert the Bruce to the union of the crowns and Mary, Queen of Scots; from the Reformation and John Knox, to the Enlightenment and the Highland Clearances, and right up to devolution, this book tells the history of a country that has experienced centuries of dramatic change.





Columba, Bannockburn, Robert Bruce, the nobles, Home Rule, Kenneth mac Alpin, the Wars of Independence, the union of the crowns, Mary, Queen of Scots, the Convenanters, the Reformation, Flodden, the industrial revolution, James VI, Thomas Chalmers, the union of parliaments, John Knox, the Canmore dynasty, Glencoe, the Enlightenment, the Highland Clearances, devolution, the Jacobites...Scotland is the first full-length, one-volume history of the country for more than twenty years. It spans twenty centuries, from the Picts to the present day. It is thrilling, comprehensive, provocative and timely.

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