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ISBN: 9781841017105 - Seasons of the Spirit
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Seasons of the Spirit

Teresa Morgan

ISBN: 9781841017105
Format: Paperback
Publisher: BRF (The Bible Reading Fellowship)

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Takes readers on a journey through the seasons of the year and also through the high days and holy days of the Church. This title takes us from Advent Sunday to Advent Sunday, looking for the Kingdom of Heaven and reflecting on the many ways in which God's love reaches out to embrace and transform the world.






This title follows the Church year from Advent to Advent. It shows God at work in the life of a local parish church - in a thought-provoking rather than humorous way. It includes insights into how we can grow in faith through the celebrations and commemorations of the Church year. It also includes a number of meditative poems linked to certain seasons/festivals, and interesting insights into wider church history and custom. It is suitable for those who enjoy meditative spiritual writing, especially grounded in a more liturgical tradition, those wanting to start exploring the spiritual riches found in the Christian year, and, those who enjoy Michael Mayne, Margaret Silf, and Ronald Blythe.