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ISBN: 9780889625464 - Selected Poetry
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Selected Poetry

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Twenty Contemporary Voices from Latin America

Zeller, Ludwig (EDT)/ Zeller, Beatriz (TRN)
Ludwig Zeller

ISBN: 9780889625464
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Mosaic Press

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This anthology brings to light in English works of two generations of poets whose contributions have remained almost "secret" to most readers. Included are a note on each of the poets, their portraits and bibliographical information. The poets include Eduardo Anguita and Jorge Caceres.





This anthology brings to English readers two generations of poets whose work has remained almost 'secret', even though their influence on the poetry of Spanish American is far-reaching and timeless. Here are poets whose voices will resonate for years to come. Selected by Ludwig Zeller, this landmark anthology is a must for lovers of Latin American literature and specialists in the field.