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ISBN: 9780865621640 - Sensual Distress: 1
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Sensual Distress: 1

Steve O. Reno, Sal Quartuccio

ISBN: 9780865621640
Format: Paperback
Publisher: S Q Publications,US

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Features a collection of the author's work.





Let's face it -- getting real flesh and blood girls to put up with uncomfortable positions and too-tight ropes can get annoying, expensive, and in some States -- arresting! But when all you are using is a Number 2 pencil and some truly inspired cunning, nobody gets hurt and everyone has a fun time! At least that's the MO that new bondage artist Steve O Reno uses when sketching out his nefarious scenes of erotic discomfort -- or what he likes to term as "Sensual Distress". His ladies are cute, well-endowed, and built "Cord-Tough!" Sure it's just lines on paper, but what Mister Reno does with some graphite and clean sheet of paper -- it's truly a thing of beauty! Kink is cool when Steve hits town, and this first collection of his works is bound to keep you begging for more!