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ISBN: 9781845284220 - Setting Up and Running Effective Staff Appraisals
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Setting Up and Running Effective Staff Appraisals

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Nigel Hunt

ISBN: 9781845284220
Format: Paperback
Publisher: How To Books Ltd
Edition: 7th Revised edition
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This book is a thorough, comprehensive guide for anyone involved in staff reviews. It covers: - Conducting appraisals in an open organisation with a narrative focus - Appraisal skills - interview techniques and listening and counselling skills - Eight rules for successful negotiation - The role of job analysis, job description and person specification - Different types of appraisal - Preparing for the appraisal - Conducting the interview and evaluating the appraisal - What can go wrong and what to watch out for - Resolving conflict Thoroughly revised and updated 7th edition.

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