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ISBN: 9780755309337 - Shadow of Power
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Shadow of Power

Steve Martini

ISBN: 9780755309337
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Headline Book Publishing

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From the pen of international bestseller Steve Martini, murder reaches deep into the halls of the US Supreme Court in the thrilling new courtroom drama featuring the ever-popular attorney Paul Madriani





The latest electrifying Paul Madriani thriller from a master at the top of his game - Madriani once again finds himself under pressure as murder reaches deep into the halls of the US Supreme Court. Some people will do anything to influence the Supreme Court. They will sweet-talk and seduce, beg, borrow and steal, all as a matter of course. Killing is different though, isn't it? Terry Scarborough is a legal scholar and provocateur who loves the kinds of controversy that makes headlines. As author of a new book which claims that Thomas Jefferson and the US Constitution support racial discrimination, he knows he's adding fuel to the fire. When Scarborough is found dead in a hotel room and a young man with connections to hate groups is charged with first-degree murder, defense attorney Paul Madriani is offered a case he can't pass up. Amid the glare of the cameras, Madriani must pursue an elusive witness within the confines of the Supreme Court itself, a search that threatens the very foundation of government.

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