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ISBN: 9781439180921 - Sliding Into Home
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Sliding Into Home

Kendra Wilkinson

ISBN: 9781439180921
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Gallery

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Star of the E! hit series Kendra comes a humorous memoir that captures the spirit of one of the most beloved Playboy cover models in history





A light, fun memoir, Sliding into Home will cover Kendra Wilkinson's childhood as a tomboy, her Playboy years (including her life with magazine mogul Hugh Hefner at the Mansion), her rise to fame on E!'s hit series' The Girls Next Doorand Kendra, and her new life with NFL-player husband Hank Baskett and a baby on the way. While Kendra is known for her fun-loving nature and her autobiography is upbeat, she describes the darker aspects of her life in the book as well. Sliding into home is primarily a light hearted, fish-out-of-water story filled with fun anecdotes about the Mansion, her new marriage--including how she's adjusting to her conservative in-laws--and preparing for motherhood.

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