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ISBN: 9781902984315 - So You Really Want to Learn Maths Book 2
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So You Really Want to Learn Maths Book 2

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Serena Alexander

ISBN: 9781902984315
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Galore Park Publishing Ltd

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This book is suitable for pupils aged 11+ (Year 7 upwards) and is ideal for pupils preparing for Level 2 Common Entrance and entrance exams at 13+.






This book consolidates the material covered in So You Really Want To Learn Book 1 and completes the topics required for Level 2 of the Common Entrance Maths syllabus at 13+. Challenging and rigorous throughout, this book features detailed explanations and an impressive bank of practice exercises, to ensure that pupils have fully grasped all the topics covered. - Endorsed by ISEB - Clear explanations are followed by extensive practice material to ensure pupils have understood the material covered - Provides a strong emphasis on numerical work, including fractions, decimals, and algebra to give a strong grounding in mathematical knowledge An Answer Book containing answers and a mark scheme is also available to save you time marking work.

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