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ISBN: 9781855035041 - Special Games
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Special Games

Betty K. Rudd

ISBN: 9781855035041
Format: Paperback
Publisher: LDA

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Our newly developed Special Games book is a near inexhaustible resource for practitioners interested in: - Personal & social development - Team building - Improving communication - Boosting self-esteem or simply having some harmless, friendly fun.





Adaptable activities for personal and social development. This engaging book is a truly flexible resource, suitable for all ages and abilities. It contains a wide variety of games that may be played in many different settings. Being involved in these special games will help to uplift the players, make them feel part of a team and allow them to release energy safely, enabling them to calm down. The books split-design allows teachers and facilitators rapidly to plan appropriate and exciting sessions tailored to each group's needs on every occasion. Choose from a wide range of games in three categories: warm-up, more interactive/energetic, and calming. Each game may be played in less than five minutes, and any combination may be used to make a rewarding session. For players, these games are often the highlight of the school day. These games will: Develop cognitive skills as well as boost emotional literacy and self-esteem, promote co-operation, positive interaction and enjoyment in the company of others, gain participants attention quickly, and calm down a fractious group with ease.