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ISBN: 9781885693396 - Sport Facility Management
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Sport Facility Management

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Robin Ammon, Jr.

ISBN: 9781885693396
Format: Hardback
Publisher: Fitness Information Technology, Inc, U.S.

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Providing an introduction to facility management of sporting events, this title provides a theoretical foundation and applications for each critical phase. It includes photographs, case studies, chapter summaries, questions, and industry examples; and discussions about positive advances, as well as the negative economic and cultural consequences.






The growing global sport industry requires that the sport management curriculum keep abreast of new and proven management techniques. The book provides readers with a comprehensive up-to-date introduction to each element of facility management for the full range of sporting events. The demand for individuals who are educated and trained in facility management event organization and risk management has grown significantly in the past decade. Each chapter provides both a theoretical foundation and practical applications for each critical phase of facility management: from pre-event briefings to cleanup and closings. The authors have meticulously provided photographs, case studies, chapter summaries, questions and industry examples to supplement each chapter and to assist the student in gaining an overall picture of the sporting event industry today. The book provides in-depth discussions about positive advances (e.g. ticket purchases concessions stadium design) that have made the entire experience easier and more comfortable for fans; and about the negative economic and cultural consequences for sport events after 11 September 2001.

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