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ISBN: 9780824965013 - Story of Robert E. Lee
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Story of Robert E. Lee

Patricia A. Pingry

ISBN: 9780824965013
Format: Board Book
Publisher: Ideals Publishing Corporation,U.S.

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Only 200 words and bright and colorful illustrations provide toddlers with an short biography of one of the legendary Americans. Only a few of the basic facts provide a look at Lee's character, from his birth, his years at West Point, his Army career to his acceptance of the leadership of the army of Northern Virginia to his presendency of Lee College. This short story can serve as an introduction to one of the most revered Southerners ever.





For ages 4-8. Robert E Lee is still the most beloved hero of the Civil War and has become the synonym for 'honour'. Here is the story of this great general, from his birth in Stratford Virginia, to his fateful decision to support his home state of Virginia, to his rise to the presidency of Washington College, now named Washington & Lee University. Even toddlers will enjoy this short story of only about 200 simple words with its bright and humorous illustrations by Meredith Johnson.