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ISBN: 9780273716389 - Strategic Management
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Strategic Management

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Richard Lynch

ISBN: 9780273716389
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Financial Times Prentice Hall
Edition: 5th Revised edition
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Strategic Management is a text in tune with what you as a student of strategy today really need. It engages with the complexity of the subject, whilst providing the support to ensure that you learn actively and effectively.

So if you want to know how, when and why you might be making strategic decisions for tomorrow and beyond, or learn from the experiences of African telecommunications, Boo.com, Coca…






A revised title Strategic Management in its 5th edition (formerly Corporate Strategy) reflects a text in tune with the ongoing changes in the teaching, learning and practice of strategy. This text is well established and highly regarded for its practical outlook on strategy, and a plethora of short examples to illustrate this. It is also defined by its "twin perspective" of strategy as it consistently compares and contrasts the rational, planned or prescriptive view with the emergent, creative and evolutionary approaches. A revised structure in this edition: 15 'core' chapters followed by 5 more specialist chapters, is also enhanced by the provision of a 12 additional cases which focus around 5 large industry sectors. It is written for students on undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes, or undertaking professional qualifications.

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