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ISBN: 9780521148436 - Sustainable Business Development
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Sustainable Business Development

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David L. Rainey

ISBN: 9780521148436
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Cambridge University Press

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Provides a working knowledge of sustainable business development and its key methods and techniques.






In a turbulent business environment, leaders must begin to think more broadly about what a corporation is and how it can create a richer future. With the globalisation of the world's economies, the intensification of competition, and quantum leaps in technological development, the insular and static strategic thinking of many global corporations has become inadequate for understanding the business environment and determining strategic direction. This 2006 book provides comprehensive and practical analysis of what sustainable business development (SBD) is and how companies can use it to make a significant difference. Case studies of companies in the US, Europe, the Pacific Rim and South America demonstrate that achieving innovation and integration depends on a comprehensive understanding of all of the forces which drive change and responding to them with fresh ways of strategic thinking. It is compulsory reading for MBA students and executives as well as professional readers.

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