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ISBN: 9780415772914 - Tabloid Terror
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Tabloid Terror

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Francois Debrix

ISBN: 9780415772914
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Routledge

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Aims to develop a model of tabloidized international relations, where responses are organized by and supportive of a strong centralized US government. This book focuses on the exploitation of insecurities caused by 9/11 manifested in the US tabloid media.






This book analyzes the methods, effects, and mechanisms by which international relations reach the US citizen. Deftly dissecting the interrelationships of national identity formation, corporate 'news and opinion' dissemination, and the quasi-academic apparatus of war justification - focusing on the Bush administration's exploitation of the fear and insecurity caused by 9/11 and how this has manifested itself in the US media (especially the tabloid populist media). Debrix explains how all serve to defend and produce state power and develops a model of tabloidized international relations, where responses are both organized by, and supportive of, a strong centralized US government. The field of International Relations sorely needs such analytics, in so far as it explains how people in their everyday lives relate to transnational issues. Tabloid Terror critically covers a wide variety of US popular culture from the Internet to Fox News; analyzes diverse authors as Julia Kristeva, J.G. Ballard and Robert Kaplan and takes into account renowned international relations interlocutors as Don Imus, Bill O'Reilly, and Tommy Franks.

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