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ISBN: 9780330453288 - Tan Lines
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Tan Lines

A Novel of Sex and Sunburn

J. J. Salem

ISBN: 9780330453288
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Pan Books
Edition: Unabridged

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A stylish, sexy and scarily addictive summer bonkbuster





Liza, Kellyanne and Billie are ambitious heroines chasing their dreams in the demimondes of media politics, reality television and rock music. Their journey unfolds thrill by thrill, shock by shock in an unputdownable story about the illusions of glamour, the dark side of success, the elusiveness of love and the fragility of relationships. Three incidents will change their lives forever: a career free fall, a surprise pregnancy and a brutal murder. And it all happens during one unforgettable season at a summer share in the Hamptons. Tan Lines -- a Valley of the Dolls for the 21st century -- portrays their passions, triumphs and heartbreaks with a sly intelligence and a wickedly sharp prose that will be loved by fans of Jackie Collins, Jacqueline Susann and a whole new generation of readers.

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