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ISBN: 9780865621596 - Tatz
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Sin on Skin

Vincenzo Silvestroni, Bob Keenan, Stefano Mazzotti

ISBN: 9780865621596
Format: Paperback
Publisher: S Q Publications,US

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Offers a collection of images and concepts with tattoos as the subject - ink on girls to be more specific.





Stefano Mazzotti and Vincenzo Silvestroni, that wild duo that put massive heat in the "Velvet Love" series, is back again with a new collection of blistering images and concepts! Tattoos are the subject - ink on girls to be more specific! A showcase of young ladies are illustrated, and then illustrated upon, each relating their own unique story as to the whys and where's (like which part of their most personal real estate is about to get a forever makeover!). Let's face it - tattoos are hot, and cute girls who want them are even hotter! The "Velvet Love" team is certainly up to the challenge of making all this happen - the resulting book is jaw-dropping perfection!