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ISBN: 9780521148016 - Testing IT
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Testing IT

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John Watkins, Simon Mills

ISBN: 9780521148016
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Edition: 2nd Revised edition
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"I have recommended Testing IT to numerous testers that I have met, as well as providing copies to the testers on projects I have managed, and have received positive feedback from them regarding the practical benefits that it provides....[John Watkins] has built on the success of the first edition, revising and bringing it up to date to ensure it continues to be relevant for the next ten years and beyond."…






Testing IT provides a complete, off-the-shelf software testing process framework for any testing practitioner who is looking to research, implement, roll out, adopt, and maintain a software testing process. It covers all aspects of testing for software developed or modified in-house, modified or extended legacy systems, and software developed by a third party. Software professionals can customize the framework to match the testing requirements of any organization, and six real-world testing case studies are provided to show how other organizations have done this. Packed with a series of real-world case studies, the book also provides a comprehensive set of downloadable testing document templates, proformas, and checklists to support the process of customizing. This new edition demonstrates the role and use of agile testing best practices and includes a specific agile case study.

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