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ISBN: 9781853757358 - The 500 Best Pub Jokes
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The 500 Best Pub Jokes

Tim Dedopulos

ISBN: 9781853757358
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Prion Books Ltd

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A collection of the 500 pub jokes, from one-liners and shaggy dog stories to sayings and after-dinner tales.






There's something in this book for everyone who likes a good laugh. With a wide range of categories, including Doctors & Nurses, Animal Magic, Jokes About Men, Jokes About Women, and Sporting Triumphs, you are in for plenty of quality laughs. Your friends are too--at least they will be when you start sharing the material with them in your local! Whatever your sense of humor, "The 500 Best Pub Jokes" will have you, and everyone else, rolling on the floor.