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ISBN: 9781854183798 - The A-Z of Food Safety
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The A-Z of Food Safety

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Jeremy W. Stranks

ISBN: 9781854183798
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Thorogood

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With over 100 entries arranged in an accessible index format, this book covers everything that the health and safety professional needs to know in order to conform with both the law and best practice.

Health and safety law and practice has changed considerably in recent years. Managers and owners face a growing number of responsibilities and obligations. With its risk assessment…






What is this book about? We currently live in an increasingly litigious society, and the legal and practical risks associated with food safety are becoming complex and significant areas of concern for health officers and food business owners. This book is a detailed and comprehensive guide to the field of study, fully upto-date with all the latest developments in UK and European legislation. With an extensive topic-by-topic index format, this book will prove an accessible source of reference for all food-related queries. The author explains how best to conform to regulations and offers relevant practical advice under each topic heading. Who should read this book? Environmental health and trading standards officers, all sectors of the food production and retailing industry, the catering industry, the educational sector and other areas the public sector, students and academics, lawyers specialising in this area.