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ISBN: 9781569759769 - The Abide Guide
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The Abide Guide

Living Like Lebowski

Oliver Benjamin, Dwayne Eutsey

ISBN: 9781569759769
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Ulysses Press

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A commercial flop in its initial release in 1998, "The Big Lebowski" has since emerged as a cult phenomenon. This guide to living life like the Dude, the main character from the movie, features lifestyle tips on how to be more laid back, inspirational lessons from the Dude, and facts about the movie.





THE DUDE ABIDES...AND YOU CAN TOO! When you seek salvation from this stressed out, uptight world, there's only one man to go to for guidance--the Dude. At once helpful, funny and profound (like The Big Lebowski itself), this survival guide from the founders of the Church of the Latter-Day Dude and their top disciples shows how to be as Dude-like as the Dude (well, almost): *Secrets of sacred Dudeist practices *The Seven Spiritual Laws of Taking it Easy *Great Dudes who changed the world (without really trying) *New feminist philosophy for special ladies *The Way of the Dude applied to politics, ethics and finances *A 12-step program for personal dudevolution *The science of really tying your room together All this and a lot more what-have-you. So the next time life throws you a gutterball, just pick up this book and ask, "What Would the Dude Do?" It's your answer for everything.