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ISBN: 9780865621688 - The Art of Claudio Aboy: v. 2
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The Art of Claudio Aboy: v. 2

Claudio Aboy

ISBN: 9780865621688
Format: Paperback
Publisher: S Q Publications,US

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Features a collection of drawings that focus on the author's favourite subject - the female form.





Nothing excels like excess, and when you're showcasing a heavyweight illustrator like Claudio Aboy, a second helping of his outstanding work is simply a must-do! His first volume of exceptionally good 'bad girls' proved to be one of the best sellers in the SQP line of art books! Claudio was quite happy to chain himself back to his drawing board and whip up an entirely 'new' collection of drawings that focus on his favourite subject - the female form! Aboy paints, pencils, and inks - he's a triple threat of breath-taking talent. If you like ladies done the Argentine way (trust us - it's a treat!), then this second tome of torrid lovelies is just what you've been looking for! Scorchin' hot!