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ISBN: 9780850528978 - The Battle for Flesquieres Ridge
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The Battle for Flesquieres Ridge

Jack Horsfall, Nigel Cave

ISBN: 9780850528978
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Pen & Sword Books Ltd

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The Battleground series is designed for both the battlefield visitor and the reader at home. For the former, these books are invaluable guides and each site is described in detail. For everyone there are graphic descriptions of actions, supported by illustrations, diagrams and maps.





The third in a trilogy of books, the others being Cambrai, and Bourlon Wood by the same authors covering the battle for Cambrai in November 1917. It covers the defence against the German counter strike, the defence of the Flesquieres Salient against the Kaiserschlact in March 1918 and its recapture in Sept/Oct 1918; all key elements in the great Allied advance to victory.