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ISBN: 9780749459826 - The Brain Fitness Workout
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The Brain Fitness Workout

Brain Training Puzzles to Improve Your Memory, Concentration, Decision Making Skills and Mental Flexibility

Philip J. Carter

ISBN: 9780749459826
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Kogan Page Ltd

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Includes a range of puzzles, tests and workouts designed to provide mental challenges with the intention of improving readers' brain fitness.






Whilst most people are aware of the importance of keeping their bodies in good shape, it is only in recent years that there has been a widespread acceptance that the brain is stimulated by originality, thrives on challenge and needs to be exercised and trained just as much as other parts of the body. "The Brain Fitness Workout" includes a wide range of puzzles, tests and workouts designed to provide original and stimulating mental challenges with the aim of improving readers' brain fitness. Several of the exercises are speed tests against the clock, and this is indicated where appropriate. In some cases an assessment rating is provided to enable you to monitor your performance.

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