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ISBN: 9781849632829 - The Bucket Man
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The Bucket Man

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James Neville

ISBN: 9781849632829
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Austin Macauley Publishers

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Unable to face a life in the Services, after resigning his commission, the author is disowned by his father. Hot-headed and penniless he is forced to make a life for himself in the liberated world of the 1960s. After a chance meeting with a woman on a train, seduction and marital intrigue follow, leading him into the world of antiques, altering his life for good. One adventure follows another as, before he is thirty, his creative imagination enables him to establish an altogether new and unique kind of business, since imitated worldwide. Along the way he encounters a diversity of bizarre characters, from members of the aristocracy, to scrap dealers, crooked businessmen and from interior designers to travelling showmen, all of whom play their part in a scintillating adventure of the most unusual kind.