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ISBN: 9780273716754 - The Business Environment
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The Business Environment

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Ian Worthington

ISBN: 9780273716754
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Financial Times Prentice Hall
Edition: 6th Revised edition
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This work contains a thorough analysis of the external influences that affect business activity. Theory is backed up by a wealth of statistical data, commentary and mini case studies.






By encouraging students to explore the challenges and opportunities managers face in the business environment, the sixth edition of this successful text provides students with a solid foundation from which to build upon their business knowledge. This thought-provoking book helps students to understand how business organisations operate in economic, political, social, technological, and legal environments. It introduces and analyses the business environment model, enabling students to understand how it can determine business strategy. The following online resources support the text: For students: additional resources to enable learning, including a companion website, an online glossary and updated weblinks. For Instructors:updated teaching resources available including a comprehensive instructors manual, PowerPoint slides and additional multiple choice questions with answers.

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