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ISBN: 9781844861453 - The Captain's Table
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The Captain's Table

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Sarah Edington

ISBN: 9781844861453
Format: Hardback
Publisher: Conway

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Part social history, part cookbook Captain's Table is an attractive book that evokes the grandeur of the liners. Includes an excellent selection of period illustrations, with menu cards and other memorabilia from the National Maritime Museum archives.





To sail first class on the great ocean liners was to experience the last word in luxury and service. The Captain's Table recalls not only the glamour and excitement of life on board, but also the rich creativity of the excellent cuisine. The author has expertly recreated an inspiring selection of classic recipes from the First, Second and Tourist Class dining rooms for the modern cook, adding to them with fascinating research on their origins, including period memorabilia in the form of dining cards and menus. Beautifully illustrated with a wealth of nostalgic imagery, this book exudes glamour and elegance, bringing the heyday of the liner to life and recapturing some of the original magic of those remarkable ships.

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