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ISBN: 9780719071379 - The Cinema of Alex de la Iglesia
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The Cinema of Alex de la Iglesia

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Andy Willis, Professor Peter Buse, Nuria Triana-Toribio

ISBN: 9780719071379
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Manchester University Press

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The first book in English about Alex de la Iglesia, critically acclaimed former protege of Pedro Almodovar, and one of the highest grossing directors in Spain and Latin America. De la Iglesia's cinema is representative of a new generation of Spanish and European directors who combine avant-garde strategies with forms such as comedy and horror.






Alex de la Iglesia, initially championed by Pedro Almodovar, and at one time the enfant terrible of Spanish film, still makes film critics nervous. The director of some of the most important films of the Post-Franco era - Accion mutante, El dia de la bestia, Muertos de risa - receives here the first full length study of his work. Breaking away from the pious tradition of acclaiming art-house auteurs, The cinema of Alex de la Iglesia tackles a new sort of beast: the popular auteur, who brings the provocation of the avant-garde to popular genres such as horror and comedy. This book brings together Anglo-American film theory, an exploration of the legal and economic history of Spanish audio-visual culture, a comprehensive knowledge of Spanish cultural forms and traditions (esperpento, sainete costumbrista) with a detailed textual analysis of all of Alex de la Iglesia's seven feature films.