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ISBN: 9780415453714 - The Ecological Modernisation Reader
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The Ecological Modernisation Reader

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Mol, Arthur P. J. (EDT)/ Sonnenfeld, David A. (EDT)/ Spaargaren, Gert (EDT)
Arthur P. J. Mol, David A. Sonnenfeld, Gert Spaargaren

ISBN: 9780415453714
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Routledge

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Structural environmental reform by industries, governments, NGOs, and others is a worldwide phenomenon and the focus of this definitive collection. It includes a selection of the best published works and debates from a quarter-century of scholarship on ecological modernisation, newly-commissioned review essays and an agenda for research.






Environmental reform by governmental, intergovernmental agencies, private firms and industries and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) is a worldwide phenomenon. This definitive collection showcases an introduction to Ecological Modernisation Theory; state-of-the-art review essays by key international scholars and a selection of the key articles from a quarter-century of social science scholarship. It is aimed at students, researchers and policymakers interested in a deep understanding of contemporary environmental issues

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