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ISBN: 9780521148481 - The Everyday Lives of Young Children
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The Everyday Lives of Young Children

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Jonathan Tudge

ISBN: 9780521148481
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Cambridge University Press

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An insight into the lives of three-year-olds in different cultures around the world.






Where do young children spend their time? What activities are they involved in and who do they interact with? How do these activities and interactions vary across different societies and cultural groups? This book provides answers to these questions, by describing the lives of three-year-olds in the United States, Russia, Estonia, Finland, South Korea, Kenya and Brazil. Each child was followed for the equivalent of one complete waking day, whether at home, in childcare, on the streets or at the shops. Graphic displays and verbal descriptions of the children's everyday activities and interactions reveal both the ways in which culture influences children's lives and the ways in which children play a role in changing the cultural groups of which they are a part. This book also has a clear theoretical rationale and illustrates why and how to do cultural-ecological research.

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