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ISBN: 9782825411612 - The Face of Pain and Hope
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The Face of Pain and Hope

Stories of Diakonia in Europe

Gurney, Robin
Robin Gurney

ISBN: 9782825411612
Format: Paperback
Publisher: World Council of Churches (WCC Publications)

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How can churches develop new forms of service which will both meet the needs of individuals, families and wider communities and promote social justice? The stories in this book describe creative efforts to work out such a vision of diakonia (Christian service) in countries all around Europe. The church which shines through them is one where God is present in the midst of the muddy streets and darkened ways, and where people are empowered to stand for their rights and dignity. The book makes those people known and their voices heard. Besides encouraging people to listen to these voices and be inspired to similar efforts elsewhere, this book is also suitable as a resource volume for training people for similar work.