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ISBN: 9780956444837 - The Faery Garden
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The Faery Garden

Beatrice Phillpotts

ISBN: 9780956444837
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Palazzo Editions Ltd

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A delightful new gift edition collects everything there is to know about faeries - from history and superstitions to famous faeries and instructions for creating a faery dell.





Our most popular image of Faeryland is of an enchanted garden, a flowering, perfumed mini-Paradise that is blossoming in secret, somewhere in the heart of nature. This book traces the historical origins of the faery garden, with the help of 'eye-witness' accounts from folk tales and evocative descriptions by poets and playwrights. It offers faery spells for both good and evil, based on the potent magic of individual flowers and trees; explores 'faery rings' and other mysterious natural phenomena; and celebrates the charm of the flower faeries. You can even learn how to plan and plant your own faery garden as the book presents gardening notes on how to create the kind of faery garden Titania might have enjoyed in Shakespeare's faery wood in A Midsummer Night's Dream, including a plan to recreate her flowery bank, a magic potions and healing garden, and a meditation water garden within a magic grove. The captivating text is lavishly illustrated with original paintings, stage designs and other ephemera, making The Faery Garden the ideal gift for anyone drawn to these ethereal creatures.

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