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ISBN: 9781849434195 - The Fear of Breathing: Stories from the Syrian Revolution
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The Fear of Breathing: Stories from the Syrian Revolution

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Ruth Sherlock, Paul Wood, Zoe Lafferty

ISBN: 9781849434195
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Oberon Books Ltd

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A powerful and disturbing verbatim play, based on the testimonies of people within Syria at the heart of the uprising, which provides a troubling account of life under Assad's oppressive regime. The stories were gathered by British journalists who travelled into Syria covertly.





"'The most dangerous thing you can do in this country is speak the word freedom' The world premiere of a new play based entirely on verbatim reports from inside Syria itself. As thousands have been tortured, jailed, maimed or killed by the Syrian regime, The Fear of Breathing is a hard-hitting evocation of a life or death fight for freedom, experienced from the inside. To uncover these personal stories from the uprising, award-winning journalists Paul Wood of the BBC and Ruth Sherlock of The Daily Telegraph, together with theatre director Zoe Lafferty, travelled into Syria covertly, circumventing the ban on journalists and restrictions on movement for all non-Syrians. Immersed in Syria's suffocating environment of oppression and fear, they spoke to protesters facing tanks and guns, soldiers who deserted to form the Free Army, activists who dream of change, as well as citizens who love President Bashar al-Assad and are terrified of a future without him. Featuring verbatim scenes, interviews and stories, The Fear of Breathing is a powerful and profoundly disturbing portrait of a revolution struggling to survive"