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ISBN: 9781741960358 - The Food of Spain
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The Food of Spain

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Murdoch Books Test Kitchen

ISBN: 9781741960358
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Murdoch Books

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Helps readers discover the food that defines Spanish cooking: garlic mushrooms and chorizo with cider, a saffron-infused seafood paella, or crema catalana. This book features photographs which show how to choose produce: from market-fresh Mediterranean vegetables and seafood, to meats and herbs, spices and condiments.





Each recipe in The Food of Spain is photographed as it is made and is accompanied by useful hints and notes on ingredients. Beautiful location photography from Spain shows how to choose the best produce from market-fresh local vegetables and seafood, to meats and a wealth of herbs, spices and condiments. Accompanying the recipes are special features on many of the food traditions that are part of the Spanish culture and way of life. A glossary of food, cooking techniques and equipment will help you to identify and source your ingredients and offers helpful tips on substitution.