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ISBN: 9780747259244 - The Forgotten
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The Forgotten

Faye Kellerman

ISBN: 9780747259244
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Headline Book Publishing

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The horrors of the past are terrifyingly brought into the present in Pete Decker's thirteenth thriller of the series





A place of worship is vandalised, daubed swastikas testifying to a hatred that, for a time at least, defies understanding. But the Deckers, Rina and her detective husband Peter, soon realise the violence done to their synagogue can be traced to one deeply disturbed adolescent, Ernesto Golding. Born into privilege but obsessed by the past, he is eventually charged, his case closed. But Peter Decker still worries that others were involved. And six months later Ernesto is found murdered. Suddenly Decker and his family are plunged into a ghastly world of damaged youth, ruthless parents and secrets, with roots deep in the horrors of the last generation, which seem to demand ultimate retribution...

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