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ISBN: 9781842460108 - The Genus Lavandula
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The Genus Lavandula

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Tim Upson, Susyn Andrews

ISBN: 9781842460108
Format: Hardback
Publisher: Royal Botanic Gardens

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The Genus Lavandula is the most comprehensive and authoritative account of lavenders to be published to date, focusing on their worldwide importance as garden plants and a mainstay of the perfumery and aromatherapy industries…






The most comprehensive and authoritative account of lavender. Describing some 39 species, their hybrids and cultivars, this book brings together their taxonomy, distribution, history, cultivation, propagation, and an overview of their commercial products, essential oils and chemistry. Lavishly illustrated with RHS Gold Medal award winning paintings by botanical artists Christabel King, Georita Harriott and Joanna Langhorne. With 31 botanical paintings, 45 line drawings and many colour photographs.