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ISBN: 9781844861125 - The Hornby Book of Scenic Railway Modelling
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The Hornby Book of Scenic Railway Modelling

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Chris Ellis

ISBN: 9781844861125
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Conway

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One of the most rewarding aspects of the model railway hobby is creating a world in miniature for your trains to run in. Whether your layout represents a setting that is real or imagined, The Hornby®…





Any model railway layout can be enhanced with the effective use of scenery and accessories. Chris Ellis examines the range of ready-made scenic accessories available to modellers,and also explains how to make your own scenic structures. Tips and techniques for adapting and weathering such accessories are included, along with clear step-by-step instructions that explain how to create rolling hills, trackside buildings and even lakes and rivers from a variety of materials, whether bought from modelling shops or using discarded product packaging. The book's sections include: planning backdrops and scenic settings; building basic terrain; painting backgrounds and creating the illusion of distance and perspective; texturing vegetation, foliage and trees; modelling water; depicting rocky surfaces such as cliffs, scree and waterfalls; incorporating civil engineering (tunnels and bridges) and adapting Skaledale and other accessories for use in personal dioramas. A useful appendix also contains details of popular modelling materials, stockists and suppliers, useful reference works and other research sources.