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ISBN: 9780957043503 - The King's Panto
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The King's Panto

Martin Coleman
Martin Coleman

ISBN: 9780957043503
Format: Multimedia Item
Publisher: TKP Books

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A grumpy King commands a pantomime in June, to feature all fairy tale characters. But it all ends in disaster, with the Giant about to eat the King in a pie! To save himself, some old wrongs are put right and some valuable lessons learned, making the King a better person and the kingdom a much happier place!





'The King's Panto' is a modern story with a traditional feel, about a bossy, grumpy King who shouts orders at everyone around him. When he commands a Royal Pantomime in the middle of summer featuring all the characters from well known fairy tales , it soon becomes clear he has barked one order too many! With no time for rehearsals, no script and no audience, the panto begins in chaos and ends in disaster! And with the Giant about to eat the King in a pie! But the King puts right some old wrongs, learns some very valuable lessons and becomes a much nicer, friendlier person. Packed with theatrical references and expressions, 'The King's Panto' is a fun, rhyming romp of a read for children and parents alike.

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