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ISBN: 9780263888102 - The Lady Gambles
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The Lady Gambles

Carole Mortimer

ISBN: 9780263888102
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Mills & Boon

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GENTLEMEN, SINGING FOR YOUR PLEASURE TONIGHT - MISS CARO MORTON! Her heart pounding beneath the bright lights of London's most fashionable gambling club, Lady Caroline Copeland nervously steps out from behind the curtain...Eyes scanning the crowd, she's drawn to a devilish-looking gentleman glowering at her from the back of the room. The intensity of his gaze burns through her disguise, making her throat dry, her cheeks pink. Caro's gambled her reputation to be here, and can't risk letting anyone close enough to expose her secret - no matter how much her body craves to give in...The Copeland Sisters Flouting convention, flirting with danger...

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