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ISBN: 9781848766280 - The Life of Brian/Jesus
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The Life of Brian/Jesus

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Julian Doyle

ISBN: 9781848766280
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Matador

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Four hundred years ago the Pythons would be burnt at the stake for making Life of Brian. But who was the real Brian? Who was the real Jesus? Who was the real Bishop of Southwark? Was Brian's father Nortius Maximus and were the Peoples Front of Judea, splitters? All the crucial issues this book dares to question.





Life of Brian was banned in many countries for blasphemy. But what is blasphemy and what should be the punishment? Who wants the law and why? And does God believe in it? Julian Doyle, the film's editor, analyses the movie and compares each scene of the film with the actual Biblical events and comes to some extraordinary conclusions, including some special insights into the film that has been voted Britain's best comedy ever. Prepare to leave your assumptions, suppositions, familiar notions and points of view far behind as you set off with Julian Doyle on this joyfully mischievous journey of discovery and self-discovery.