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ISBN: 9780745961064 - The Lion Classic Bible
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The Lion Classic Bible

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Andrea Skevington

ISBN: 9780745961064
Format: Hardback
Publisher: Lion Children's Books

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A classic retelling with evocative illustrations





Stunning in presentation and full in scope, The Lion Classic Bible is an evocative retelling of the Bible's great stories for children. In 12 flowing chapters, Andrea Skevington brings together all the Bible's treasured tales to reveal the overarching story of God and his people. Skilfully crafting her stories with care and consideration for the biblical original yet with the energy of the story front-of-mind, the result is a text with a compelling pace, which is at once fresh and original for new readers, but with an underlying depth and perspective that will delight those already familiar with the stories - whatever their age. Richly coloured full-page illustrations and motifs artwork add warmth and colour throughout. Bound in a quality hardback with a glossy dust jacket, this Bible is one to enjoy giving, receiving, reading, and treasuring.

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