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ISBN: 9781408703007 - The Lost Photographs of Captain Scott
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The Lost Photographs of Captain Scott

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David M. Wilson

ISBN: 9781408703007
Format: Hardback
Publisher: Little, Brown

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* A truly astounding book revealing Captain Scott's final expedition through the pictures he took himself





Captain Scott perished with four of his fellow explorers on their return from the South Pole in March 1912. Almost immediately the myth was founded, based on Scott's diaries, turning him into an icon of courage in the face of impossible circumstances. But during the final months of that journey Scott also took a series of breathtaking photographs: panoramas of the continent, superb depictions of mountains and formations of ice and snow, and photographs of the explorers on the polar trail. But these photos have never been seen - initially fought over, neglected, then lost - until now, that is. For the first time, they are resurrected and are a humbling testament to the men whose graves still lie unmarked in the vastness of the Great Alone.

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