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ISBN: 9780470503911 - The Man with the Golden Flute
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The Man with the Golden Flute

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Sir James, a Celtic Minstrel

James Galway

ISBN: 9780470503911
Format: Hardback
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Ltd

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How did a young man with few resources rise from a poverty-stricken, working-class neighborhood, cheek by jowl with the Belfast shipyards, to become the most celebrated flute player and the most televised and recorded classical artist performing today? Practice? Of course…






The internationally acclaimed, widely beloved flutist reflects on his storied career Sir James Galway is one of the top musicians of our time, with a dazzling career that has spanned five decades and many genres of music. Now he celebrates his seventieth birthday with a look back on his incredible career, during which he has traveled around the world many times over and made countless friends, including legends from the worlds of classical and popular music. He reflects on the challenges he faced coming from the poverty of working-class Belfast and making the decision to go solo as a flutist, as well as the triumphs as he made his way to the top of his profession. Offers a rare, personal glimpse at the life of a modern musical master whose work has ranged across the musical spectrum with collaborators as diverse as the Berlin Philharmonic, the Chieftains, John Denver, and Pink Floyd Includes delightful stories from Galway's career of more than fifty years Shares the challenges of touring and of melding public and private life By turns witty and informative, engaging and inspiring, The Man with the Golden Flute is a captivating read for fans of Galway and his music.

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