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ISBN: 9780631216674 - The Metropolis and Its Images
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The Metropolis and Its Images

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Arnold, Dana (EDT)
Dana Arnold

ISBN: 9780631216674
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Blackwell Publishers

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London is at once an imagined community and an interaction of histories and place which present the experience of a metropolis. The complexity of the different images of the real and virtual London are revealed in the systems of representation and interpretation, the interaction of civic and national interests and issues of urban planning. The essays in this book examine moments in this diverse set of social, economic and cultural relationships which cohere in the construction of London's identities.






This book examines key moments in the emergence of London as a metropolis and considers different ways in which its image has been formulated and presented. The chapters address a range of topics from specific questions of architectural style to the relationship between the City of London and London as a metropolis, and explore different methods of constructing urban identities.